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Orastream was founded with a mission to restore high quality audio to digital
music. Its novel adaptive audio-video streaming platform powers a new-
generation music services based on streaming 16/24-bit lossless resolution
audio and video files which self-adjusts to adapt to the user’s device
capabilities, quality of network conditions and ...

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Emily Morrone

The Neil Young Archives Adds Hi-Res Sound to Videos and Films

The Neil Young Archives adds hi-res audio to music videos and films – powered by OraStream’s next-generation hi-res audio streaming delivery technologies.

The OraStream team that partnered with Neil Young to provide all of his music streaming in high resolution quality has delivered high-res sound in music videos and films. Subscribers to the Neil Young Archives have been able to access and stream music videos for the new album “BARN” by Neil Young and Crazy Horse” in 192kHz/24-bit audio quality.

The new feature was first added in two films; “Distant Camera” and “Horseback” for NYA’s subscribers to hear and feel these records in high res audio while watching the films. Since then, the Neil Young Archives added hi-res sound to the new music tracks from the new album, BARN including “Welcome Back”, “Song of the Seasons”, “Heading West”, “Shape of You”, “Human Race”, “They Might Be Lost”, “Tumbling Thru The Years” and “Change Ain’t Never Gonna”. 

Music videos are an important part of the music industry. Based on a 2021 IFPI survey, video streaming accounts for 22 percent of weekly music engagement compared to subscription audio streaming (such as Spotify Premium and Apple Music) which accounts for 23 percent of weekly music engagement while ad-supported, free tiers of audio streaming make up 9 percent). For genres, such as, classical, jazz, world music whose audiences cares deeply about music and sound quality, music videos delivered in hi-resolution sound quality can help the songs and artists expand viewing audiences.

OraStream’s platform supports hi-res audio in video streaming, the same way it is done for music delivery; as bandwidth increases, the video and music will increase in audio quality to the highest levels possible, subject only to the quality of the original music source. For the NYA music films and videos, this means up to 192 kHz/24 bit resolution audio quality. 

Celebrated singer-songwriter Neil Young, who has put his name and reputation on the quest of better audio for many years, says: “It feels great to be able to hear this sound dimension and quality while watching a movie! Being able to watch a video and feel the sound the way it was made is really a great experience.”

OraStream's CEO, Frankie Tan says: "With advances in broadband networking, computing and storage technologies, digital media including videos can support higher quality lossless audio. Hi-res audio gives the closest reproduction of sound quality in the original performance and OraStream’s adaptive streaming then delivers the best video and audio quality that user's usage conditions can handle”.

You can watch the video release for “Welcome Back” in hi-res audio (links below):

Loads a web video-player URL:

Alternatively, embeds a video player widget in a HTML web-page”

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About The Neil Young Archives

The Neil Young Archives, described as a “Revolution in fandom” by The Guardian, is a website and app where fans have access to Neil Young’s audio, video, memorabilia, notes, lyrics, original manuscripts and an eight-page newspaper. It’s where Neil is continually adding new content and where his fans and he communicate with each other. It went live a little over a year ago and has tens of thousands of paid members. A subscription costs $19.99 per year. Visit


About OraStream

The company was founded with a mission to restore high quality audio to digital music. Its novel adaptive audio-video streaming platform powers a new generation music services based on streaming 16/24-bit lossless resolution audio, video and live streams which adapts to the user’s quality of network, and usage conditions. Visit